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Wizard of Oz Slots Free Coins And Credits [Daily Links February 2021]

Wizard Of Oz free Coins and Credits 

Wizard of Oz Slots Free Coins And Credits

Get Millions of free Coins, Credits and bumper exclusive rewards in Wizard of Oz Casino daily. This is our dedicated blog on wizard of Oz Slots free Coins and Credits. Here we provide free coins and Credits links to you. Using these links you can earn free coins & Credits in Wizard of Oz Casino. We keep updating links in every hour, so that you can get latest links and earn more coins. 

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Afk Arena redempetion Codes

Are you a die-hard fan of AFK Arena and want to boost your game by the help of rewards? then you should try AFK Arena Codes, For codes you don’t need to go anywhere else, as today in this article, Get the complete guide about Afk Arena codes with a list of Active AFK Arena Redemption Codes through this article, How to redeem them in game?

AFK Arena Redemption Codes

If you are an RPG game lover, then you will definitely be a lover of AFK Arena and you will known very well about AfK Arena Codes. But if you don't know about it, read the article till the end. In this article, we have provided complete information about the AFK Arena code. What are AFK Arena Codes? How to redeem AFK Arena Code?

AFK Arena Redemption Codes New

If you already play this game and are looking for AFK Arena Codes, then Below we have compiled all the Latest, Active and Working Afk Arena codes, By using them you can get Rewards like Diamonds, Soulstones, Gold, Hero Scrolls. Along with active codes we are also sharing the list of expired codes, So you know which ones to avoid. All these Codes are released by the games developers. we will add them to the AFK Arena Active Codes list. So, for more information don't forget to Bookmark this page. When we update any code or information you will get Notification.

All Active AFK Arena Codes (January 2021) 



Added On : 8 January 2021

Rewards : 10× Faction/ Common/ Stargazin Scrolls with 888 Diamonds & 8888 Hero Coins and Labyrinth Coins. (Big Reward For all Akf Arena Lovers)

Happy2021 (New)

Added On : 1 January 2021

Rewards : 30 Faction Scrolls 

persona5 (New) 

Added On : 30 December, 2020

Rewards : 500 Diamonds & 500k golds and 500 Heroe's Essence 

Code : 311j4hw00d

Added On : 10 October, 2020.
Rewards : 100 Diamonds With 100k Gold

Code : d14m0nd5, ch3atc0de, xmasl00t

Added On : 10 October, 2020.

Rewards : 100 Diamonds & 100k Gold 

Code : afkmarkiplier

Added On : 9 October, 2020.

Rewards : 300 Diamonds With 30 Elite          Hero SoulStone 

Code : badlijey666

Added On : 8 October, 2020.

Rewards : 100 Diamonds & 100k Gold 

Code : bestrpg4busyu

Added On : 6 October, 2020

Rewards : 500 Diamonds & 500k Gold 

Code : 101nc107h

Added On : 6 October, 2020.

Rewards : 100 Diamonds & 100k Gold 

Code : AFKelijah

Added On : 6 October, 2020.

Rewards : 500 Diamonds, 1000k Gold &        500 Essence 

Code : Uf4shqjngq

Added On : 1 May, 2020.

Rewards : 30 Common Hero's Scrolles 

Code : AFK888

Added On : 13 April,  2020.

Rewards  :  300 Diamonds & 100 Hero's      Essence 

Code : misevj66yi

Added On : 25 September, 2019

Rewards : 500 Diamonds, 5 Common Hero Scrolls & 60 Rare Hero Soulstones 

About AFK Arena Redemption Codes 

On playing any game, you get some rewards or gifts, which help you to continue the game and progress in the level. AFK Arena Codes are a Codes mixed up with english alphabet and numbers. Help of this codes, you can redeem free rewards diamonds, soulstones, gold, hero scrolls and many more.

How To Redeem AFK Arena Codes?

(Updated 1 December 2020) 

The process to redeem AFK Arena Codes has changed. If you don't know how to Redeem codes from new process, then there is nothing to worry about. Just you have to follow the steps below, it's not too difficult : 

1. Firstly, Open this link in your device.

2. Now a new window will open where you have to fill your UID and tap on "Send Code". The verification Code will then be send to the corresponding ID's in game-mailmox. 

3. Now enter the "Verification Code" in the text box and press the "Log In" Button to log into the Redeem codes exchange page.

4. Finally, Enter any of the redeemable code mentioned above in the active codes list (top of the post).

5. To get your free Reward, Hit the "Redeem" button and enjoy you will get some rewards. 

Before redeem any AFK Arena Redemption Code, Read some Important information about Code redemption.

All the codes of afk Arena that we provide are Redeemable for a Vaild Time Period and once the Code expires you cannot Redeem it. Whenever a code expires, we update first. So before using any code, check once the codes are active or expired.

Each redemption code can only be used once. You can't use redemption codes of the same type more than once.

After redeeming a Code, you will receive some rewards. Check all the rewards are upgrades. During Code redemption process, if you encounter any problem. Then you can contact with customer service, you can mail your issue to customer service.

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AFK Arena Codes (Not Working)

All the codes below are AFK Arena Expired Codes, Not working. If you use them, you will not get any Reward. We have given you the working AFK Arena Active Codes at the beginning of the post, which you can redeem.

If you find that any code we provides has expired or if you happen by a new code, that we haven't listed, You can help all other Afk Arena lovers by sharing it with us in the comment box.

● 7r3bbdqth2 : 300 Diamonds & 20 Elite Soul Stone.

● 7k8n2s9bnx : 300 Diamonds & 20 Elite Soul Stone.

● 76shwcv6e4 : 300 Diamonds & 20 Elite Soul Stone.

● 6u226crhtp : 300 Diamonds & 20 Elite Soul Stone.

● Overlord666 : 500 Diamonds, 500K Gold & 500 Essence

● 4rytg4u2q6 : 300 Diamonds & 20 Elite Soul Stone.

● 57kh69fhzr : 500 Diamonds & 20 Elite Soul Stone.

● 3gpasha3ch : 300 Diamonds & 20 Elite Soul Stone.

● 3baee6v3vt : 3000 Diamonds

● 2nzzy8y67v : 1000 Diamonds

● Yujaesok : 1k Diamonds, 1.5k Gold & 5 Common Scrolles.

● 66dashun : Hero Essence & 188 Diamonds.

● 2gq55jii87 : 300 Diamonds & 20 Elite Hero Soul Stone

● 2019mothersday : 60 Elite Hero Shards.

● 2longtengfei : Hero XP & 188 Diamonds 

● 25pg5gncf : 1000 Diamonds 

● afknewyear2020 : Elite Hero Shards & Diamonds

● 3aghu4egje : 300 Diamonds & 20 Elite Hero Soul Stone.

● Invincible : 60 Soul Stone

Codes For Other Popular Games 

Below we providing codes for other popular games you can also check them.

Coin Master Free Spins And Coins 

Archero Promo Codes 

Summoners War Codes 

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Top 5 Best Tourist Visiting Places In GOA | Places to Visit in Goa

Tourist Places To Visit in Goa

Goa is the smallest state in India, but it has many adventurous places as well as lots of beaches here, promotes tourism, and attracts tourists and foreigners to itself. The beauty of Goa is just because of its beaches and make it unique from other Indian states. People come here to spend their quality time and visit here to get the beauty of inner peace.


This is a bird sanctuary, named for an ornithologist Dr. Salim Moizzudin Ali. This sanctuary is one of the smallest protected areas of Goa. It is located on the island of choral in the Mandovi river. It was established in 1988. The best time to visit in the century during winter from October to March. This is the time when all the migratory birds visit here. There are thousands of species in this century like colour full kingfishers, eagle, kites, cormorants, woodpeckers, sandpipers, etc. Its location is on the mangrove nearly many reptiles found here like mudskippers, fiddlercrapes, crocodiles, flying foxes, etc.  Here is a mangrove that covered an area of [four hundred forty acres] 440 acres.

These sanctuaries provide home and shelter to thousands of animals and birds and It has thousands of species of plants. Visiting here is a very excellent idea to get inner peace. Newly married couples also enjoy this place. It is also the heart of Mumbai.


This fort was made by the Portuguese in the seventeenth century. The fort was built in 1612 to protect against Marathas and Dutch. It is located on the mouth of the Mandovi river, and this fort covered an entire peninsula at the southwestern tip of Bardez. It has a lighthouse on an interim beach. It is divided into two segments; the upper part and the lower part. It gets the name “Agua” which means freshwater spring that gives the fort a constant supply of moveable water. “Aguada” lighthouse was built-in 1864 and also the oldest lighthouse. It was a four-storeyed lighthouse


Dudhsagar  Falls is an attractive and four-sided waterfall located on the Mandovi River in Goa. It is one of the tallest waterfalls of India located  on the Guntakal- Vasco- da – Gama rail route. This waterfall has a height of 310 m and an average width of 30 meters. It separates two Indian States ‘ Karnataka and Goa’ and forms their border. This area of falls is surrounded by deciduous forests with rich biodiversity. It is also known as Tambdi Suria. It flows at its peak in the monsoon, due to heavy rainfall at that time.

‘ Dudhsagar’ means  ‘sea of milk’, it means when water comes through a great height then the water droplets look as milk’s micelle. The color of the water looks milky white, but it is just an illusion for us. And yes this waterfall divides into three streams here. The area of this waterfall is mostly covered with Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife sanctuary, which provides shelter to a lot of animals and migratory birds also. State  Government of Goa maintains the roads of the fall and nearby forests and charge fee for visitors.

This adventurous site has reached by foot or rail also. Tourists visit here and also like to trek  about 14km of rough terrain, which begins with Castle Rock stations situated in Karnataka. This trekking is temporarily stopped in the season of monsoon, cause of raining in Mandovi river.


This beach of Goa is mostly known for its hippie culture. This is an ideal destination for enjoying holidays, Visitors visit here because it is famous for attracting nature lovers, sports enthusiasts, and for those who are interested in yoga, reiki, and other sorts of meditation practice as well. There are so many sports facilities on this beach and also a Wednesday market held on this beach.  There are many rocky spots, as married couples like this type of place to spend their quality time together.

This beach is plenty of restaurants, cafes, and hotels, etc. This place gives a beautiful view of the sunset.


The Basilica of Bom Jesus is a Roman Catholic Church, which is located in Old Goa. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The construction is started in 1594 and was completed in 1605. This is one of the oldest churches in Goa and in India. This oldest church contains paintings of scenes taken from the life of St. Francis Xavier.

The Basilica of Bom Jesus is more than 408 years old from now to the seventeenth century, and open for public every day. The Body of St. Francis Xavier is in a well-decorated casket.

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How To Share a YouTube Video on Instagram - Haktut

 There are a lot of methods to share a youtube video on Instagram. nowadays youtube has become the most popular video-sharing platform on the internet, youtube is the second-largest video sharing platform on the internet. we all approximately spend one billion hours in the day on youtube. this time roughly a lifetime of 1600 peoples.

If you want to share any youtube video on Instagram so this post for you. in this post we collect all of the simple and easy ways to share a YT video on Instagram.


Why we post youtube videos on Instagram?

there are a lot of reasons according to our requirement but here we talk about some common and popular reasons to share YT videos on Instagram.

1. to make a teaser - we can use Instagram to post a video teaser and increase awareness on our particular video on youtube. for doing this we can share videos on Instagram.


2. for drive traffic on youtube - if we want to promote music or any other types of video on Instagram so we can use these features. if you doing affiliate marketing or any other type of promotional activity on our targeted youtube video. so you can drive traffic on youtube using Instagram.


3. Entertainment purpose - some peoples want to share Yt videos for entertainment purposes. sometimes we saw a good video on youtube and we want it on our Instagram. so you can share youtube videos on Insta. so let's begin

How to share Youtube videos on Instagram

there are three simple steps for doing this -

  1. download youtube video.
  2.  edit video for the Instagram requirements. 
  3. upload videos on Instagram.


Step 1.  Download Youtube video -

In the first step, you need to download the targeted video from youtube which you want to post on Instagram.  now the question is How to download youtube videos. there are a lot of methods to download youtube videos.

For downloading a youtube video -

go to the video and click to share button.

youtube video download

copy the link and paste it into any browser.

in copied Url Type 9x before

youtube video download

Click to download with your quality choice.


now your targeted youtube video was downloaded by this method. now we are going to the next step.


Step 2. Edit video for the Instagram requirements -

the next step after download youtube video edit video according to Instagram requirement.according to Instagram we can post only videos 3 sec to 60 seconds long. if your video longer than 60 sec so you can edit it in the length of 60 sec.

you can choose an online tool or software for editing your downloaded youtube video. or you can post as you in the same formate. you can also able to crop a video on in the Instagram app and use filers, text, and many features.

if you use an android device so you can use any video editing app from google play store.

edit video

when you finish editing your video then export it. if you have an ios device to click to save in camera roll. now your video is ready for Instagram now we are going to the next step is.


Step 3. Upload Video on Instagram -

we just finish download youtube videos and edit videos now the final step is to upload the video on Instagram. now log in to your Instagram account. if you using desktop long press F12 to smartphone mod

click on the plus icon in logged Instagram account

select the edited video clip which you want the post on Instagram.

now select filter, add text or effect if you want to add to your video.

Add a caption, hashtags, and location tagging if it’s relevant, then hit that Share button.


done now you able to share any youtube video to Instagram. we provide the best and simple methods for doing it. if you have any type of query or problem just put a comment our team tries to fix your problem as soon as possible.

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Note:  We cover all the required steps to doing this. but if your problem in step first to download the youtube video so we provide another method for it. you can choose any way as your choice.

Method 2: download youtube videos

for downloading any youtube video online easily followed these steps.

  1. go to an online tool 

2. Copy the URL of the video which you want to download.

3. put the copied URL into the search bar.

4. click on Download.

5.  download the video according to your choice quality.


thanks for reading this article about how to share youtube videos on Instagram, we hope that your problem has been fixed now. comment on your feedback about it.

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[Class 1] Hindi Short Stories For First Class, तीन साधु
here you got The Best Hindi Short Stories For Class 1 Collection also best moral stories for class first kids in Hindi. here we try to list the best content for our viewer.

Today we listed two very good moral stories for class 1 kids and student the names of stories is आवाज ने खोला भेद and तीन साधु both stories are in Hindi and such a very good moral in behind of these stories.

    Short Stories Hindi For Class 1 (आवाज ने खोला भेद )

    किसी नगर में एक धोबी रहता था। अच्छा चारा न मिलने के कारण उसका गधा बहुत कमजोर हो गया था। एक दिन धोबी को जंगल में बाघ की एक खाल मिल गई। उसने सोचा कि रात में इस खाल को ओढ़ाकर मैं गधे को खेतों में छोड़़ दिया करुँगा।

    गाँव वाले इसे बाघ समझेंगे और डर से इसके पास नहीं आएँगे।

    खेतों में चरकर यह खूब मोटा-ताजा हो जाएगा। एक रात गधा बाघ की खाल ओढ़े खेत में चर रहा था।

    तभी उसने दूर से किसी गधी का रेंकना सुना। उसकी आवाज सुनकर गधा प्रसन्न हो उठा और मौज में आकर स्वयं भी रेंकने लगा।

    गधे की आवाज सुनते ही खेतों के रखवालों ने उसे घेर लिया और पीट-पीटकर काम तमाम कर दिया।

    Moral - अपनी पहचान नहीं खोनी चाहिए। कभी-कभी यह खतरनाक भी साबित होता है।

    तीन साधु - moral stories for class first

    ज्ञान की खोज में एक बार तीन साधु हिमालय पर जा पहुंचे। वहां पहुंचकर तीनों साधुओं को बहुत भूख लगी। देखा तो उनके पास तो मात्र दो ही रोटियां थी। उन तीनों ने तय किया कि वो भूखे ही सो जाएंगे। ईश्वर जिसके सपने में आकर रोटी खाने का संकेत देंगे वो ही ये रोटियां खाएगा। ऐसा कहकर तीनों साधु सो गए।

    आधी रात को तीनों साधु उठे और एक-दूसरे को अपना-अपना सपना सुनाने लगे। पहले साधु ने कहा-

    मैं सपने में एक अनजानी जगह पहुंचा वहां बहुत शांति थी और वहां मुझे ईश्वर मिले। और उन्होंने मुझे कहा कि तुमने जीवन में सदा त्याग ही किया है। इसलिए ये रोटियां तुम्हें ही खानी चाहिए।

    दूसरे साधु ने कहा कि-

    मैंने सपने में देखा कि भूतकाल में तपस्या करने के कारण में महात्मा बन गया हूं और मेरी मुलाकात ईश्वर से होती है और वे मुझे कहते हैं कि लंबे समय तक कठोर तप करने के कारण रोटियों पर सबसे पहला हक तुम्हारा है, तुम्हारे मित्रों का नहीं।

    अब तीसरे साधु की बारी थी उसने कहा

    मैंने सपने में कुछ नहीं देखा। क्योंकी मैने वो रोटियां खा ली हैं। यह सुनकर दोनों साधु क्रोधित हो गए।

    उन्होंने तीसरे साधु से पूछा-

    यह निर्णय लेने से पहले तुमने हमें क्यों नहीं उठाया? तब तीसरे साधु ने कहा कैसे उठाता?

    तुम दोनों तो ईश्वर से बातें कर रहे थे। लेकिन ईश्वर ने मुझे उठाया और भूखे मरने से बचा लिया।

    Moral -  जीवन-मरण का प्रश्न हो तो कोई किसी का मित्र नहीं होता व्यक्ति वही काम करता है जिससे उसका जीवन बच सके।)

    final words -

    so friends how were the moral stories for class 1 ad tell us in the comment which one is your favorite moral story from our post. if you like these stories share it with your friends.  

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    Thursday, August 20, 2020

    What is Airtel  xstream, xstream plans,  xstream box review, xstream stick
    Here we know About what is Airtel  XStream, XStream plansXStream box review, Xstream stick and much more 

    Airtel XStream

    What is Airtel XStream

    Airtel Xstream Box is a 4K, android-TV based set-top box with Airtel TV coordinated from Airtel that offers access to 10000+ Movies, Shows, and so on ... With Chromecast inbuilt, presently you can basically cast any show, films, music, and considerably more from your PC, tablet, or cell phone straightforwardly on to your TV.

    Airtel XStream plans

    Basic plan The section spec Basic arrangement is evaluated at Rs 799 every month and incorporates 150GB of information every month, at a speed of up to 100Mbps. There is additionally a packaged landline phone with boundless nearby and STD calls, just as the Airtel Thanks advantage that incorporates the Airtel Xstream video transferring membership.

    Airtel XStream Premium Plan

    at Rs 8319: This arrangement offers 500GB information at 300 Mbps speed. The charge for this arrangement every month comes out to be Rs 1387 as against Rs 1499 every month after the markdown making the complete arrangement for Rs 8319 sparing clients Rs 675

    If your budget is low you can choose the basic plan but If you don't have a budget problem you can buy airtel XStream premium plan
    Xstream box

    There are beneficial things just as things missing which the vast majority were generally amped up for.

    I paid an aggregate of Rs.2249 for the overhaul.

    Let's start!

    Airtel Xstream 4K Box

    Decent Build Quality - Two Lights to demonstrate wireless association and DTH association individually. The light on the correct capacities as the backup light also. The Xstream logo likewise gets lit, looks cool.

    The container is produced by Technicolor in Vietnam and imported via Airtel.

    Ports-1xSattelite(DTH Input) 1xHDMI, 1xOptical, Ethernet,RCA and USB( the usb can play content from pen drive utilizing vlc)

    There are a USB port and a small scale sd card opening as an afterthought too.

    Supports HDMI CEC.

    Has Bluetooth Connectivity which permits to interface Bluetooth earphones and speakers. Different frill like console and mouse may likewise be upheld.

    The Xstream Box underpins 4K with HDR and 5.1 Surround Sound for bolstered applications. As you most likely are aware as of now just Netflix, Youtube and Prime help it. Faultless streaming utilizing Wifi.

    It has a more grounded wifi module when contrasted with the firestick. My TV is situated a long way from the switch, firestick neglects to play in HD more often than not while this plays HD from the start. (Helpful for those with frail wifi signals)

    Clever Little Remote Control With Mic (utilizes Google Assistant) Has a devoted catch.

    Devoted Buttons for Netflix, Youtube, and Prime Video as well. The dial goes about as bolt keys and is acceptable to look around just as for forward and rewind.

    The Volume Buttons, quiet and av catch can be planned to the television far off creation it a sort of widespread far off like different STBS have.

    Live catch changes to live television in a flash.

    The chronicle usefulness is debilitated at the present time.

    The OS takes not exactly a moment to boot when turned on from mains.

    Presently the Home Screen

    It shows the shows/motion pictures you can keep viewing from the XStream content.

    Discussing the substance offering by the Xstream. It is anything but an application rather its coordinated into the OS.

    Content from HOOQ, Eros Now, Zee5,ho¡cho¡, Hungama play, ALTBalaji, and some marked as Xstream was there. Content from Sony LIV was mysteriously gone.

    No TV Channels can be gushed rather than the versatile television application which has live stations.

    In addition, the image nature of the XStream content has just 3 quality settings - Low/Medium/Auto bringing about not very great picture in spite of a 40 Mbps speed test result on the box. A setting for High Quality would have been welcome. ( Picture Quality is emotional)

    Then again the image nature of the other OTT applications is truly acceptable and the quick forward is streamlined also with negligible buffering.

    Tried Apps

    Youtube, Netflix,Prime,Zee5,SonyLIV,hotstar.

    Another view shows the substance from Xstream

    SD picture Qual

    it is by all accounts the same similarly as with different boxes, didn't see any change.

    The individuals who were dicey on the nature of OTT applications, I can say they are up to the imprint.

    Execution isn't laggy starting at now with 4.4 GB of accessible storage. Only the previously mentioned applications were introduced.

    Presently should you get it when contrasted with the firestick 4k, certainly Yes in the event that you are redesigning the set-top box as it just expenses Rs.2249/ - though firestick 4k costs right around multiple times.

    Catch - Xstream Box/DTH association needs to have balance consistently for the container to work, however, this isn't known whether all OTT applications would quit working on the off chance that one suspends the association/doesn't energize or just Airtel Xstream substance would be influenced. 
    What is Jio Link, plans, How to get jio link, price, buy
    In this post of ours, we will know what is Jio Linkplans, what is the price of Jio Link, How to get or buy, and much more information about Jio Link.

    what jio link plans

      What is Jio Link? 

      Jio Link is a wireless non-portable 4G Hotspot service. It works like JioFi but you can take JioFi anywhere but it is set up and connected to Jio Link. The internet speed of Jio Link is slightly higher than that of normal Jio SIM or JioFi. You can use 4G high-speed internet by installing the Jio Link device in your home.

      The antenna device will be installed on your roof which is connected to the wire of the motherboard through a wire connection. Through this modem, you can use 4G internet high speed in all the devices from all your family members.

      Jio Link price?

      Friends, if we talk about the installation charges of Jio Link, then the price of Jio Link comes to us from 2500 to 3000 for complete installation and set up.

      inside which we have the modem and other hardware auctions are stalled, then later we need to activate it A separate plan has to be purchased for doing it.

      Jio Link Plans - 

      there are three master plans for the Jio link monthly, quarterly, and half-yearly you can choose any according to your requirement.

      Monthly Plan

      jio link plans

      In Jio Link's monthly plan, you are given 156GB of data, in this, you get a validity of 28 days, this plan costs you at ₹699 according to the month.

      Quarterly plan - 

      jio link plans

      In Jio Ling's quarterly plan you have to pay ₹2099, in which you are given 538GB of data for 98 days.

      Half Yearly Plan -

      jio link plans

      In the half-yearly plan, you have to make payment of ₹4199, in which you are given 1076GB of data for 196 days.

      How to Get Jio Link?

      1. Go To nearby Jio store and tell them to buy Jio Link.

      2.  Verify address provide all the required documentation and pay  2500 for the installation and set up fee.

      3. now they will install Jio link on your given address.

      Final words -

      here we provide all the necessary information about the Jio link if you have any type of questions about the Jio link feel free to comment on your feedback we try to read and reply soon as soon. thank you  

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